Hydroscand Reusable Fittings


Product Description

Product Group 200
Reusable fittings are only suitable for steel braided hoses according to EN 853 1SN and EN 853 2SN. Ferrules for non-skived assemblies are available. All fittings in stock have dimensions 1/4” to 1”. Reusable fittings are recommended for hydraulic applications with moderate pressure where there is a need for assembling hose lines without equipment. Remember that a good assembly requires accuracy. Follow the assembly instructions on page 120.

Assembly Instructions For Reusable Fittings With Non-Skived Ferrules On High Pressure Hoses EN 853 1sn & EN 853 2sn

1.Cut the hose transversely. Secure the fitting ferrule in a vice. Make sure you are using the right ferrule,         with one or two rings around the neck. One ring for 1SN-hoses and two rings for 2SN-hoses.
2.Screw the hose on the ferrule until it stops. The fitting ferrule has left-handed threads.
3.Lubricate the hose and the insert. Place the ferrule in the vice. Insert the nipple so far that the                       hexagonal meets the ferrule.

H-@2x (15)
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