Mammoth Hydraulic Cylinder

Mammoth Hydraulic Cylinder

Product Description

As hydraulic cylinder specialists for the past 11 years, we manufacture an OEM our own range of hydraulic cylinders utilised by Mammoth Hydraulics


As hydraulic cylinder specialists for the past 11 years, we design and manufacture as an OEM our own range of hydraulic cylinders, consisting of around 50 different model cylinders, been fitted onto our patent breakout wrenches, drill rod support assemblies, stemlock assemblies, drill rod clamp wrenches, fitted onto carious surfaces blasthole drilling rigs globally.

Manufacturing Capabilities

The Mammoth Hydraulics workshop is equipped with 4x CNC machines, 2x horizontal lathes, 2x vertical milling machines been utilised to manufacturing every cylinder component required. We utilised state of the art welding equipment for the welding of the base plate, clevis assemblies & part assemblies for the hydraulics hoses.

Design, Manufacturing & Testing Philosophy

We are using “Auto Desk Invertor Professional” software package deal to design and simulate the correct operation of our hydraulic cylinders. We are following a flow process that incorporates holding points to inspect every major component, prior to assembly process starts. At Mammoth we test every cylinder we manufacture and rebuild by testing performance against OEM standards followed by issuing a test certificate, we bind ourselves to quality assurance. To ensure our products perform reliably, each cylinder is tested for stroke and internal seal leakage at normal working pressure on our hydraulic test bench.

Cylinder Components Brands

We utilise ISO approved with international recognition suppliers of chrome stock, induction hardened stock and barrel material.

We only utilise ISO approved piston and gland seal material made up of the following international brands that have been used by the major OEM’s:
- Hallite
- Bull Dog
- Tielleb org

Price Excludes

- Installation by Mammoth Technician
- Spare Parts
- Duties and Taxes
- Freight and Insurance

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