Hydroscand Quick Release Fittings & Swivels


Product Description

Product Group 505, 520, 523, 524, 526
Mammoth offers many types of quick release fittings for hydraulic and compressed air from the top providers in the market, for example FASTER, SNAP-TITE, TEMA, CEJN, HANSEN, GROMELLE and BRUNING. We can offer fittings with or without valves, drip-free fittings, screw fittings, with pressure eliminator and fittings for very high pressure up to 2000 bar. We also stock a complete range of quick release fittings according to ISO-standards.

Working pressure/PN

All working pressures (WP) are indicated next to the fittings. The Working pressure is for connected quick release fittings with safety factor of 1:4 or the safety factor that is specified by the manufacturer.

H-@2x (9)
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