Mammoth Water Extractor Risk Matrix

Mammoth Water Extractor

Risk Matrix-01

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Stemming Wet Holes
  1. Ensure that the stemming material is suited to the stemming length to achieve the required result
  2. Water in the stemming area will affect the effectiveness of a consolidated stemming
  3. Bottom charge all water-filled holes. This will result in water on top of the charge
  4. Remove the water and explosives gunk in the stemming length with a water extractor before stemming the hole. The hole will be dry and the stemming can affectively be consolidated.
  5. 10% aggregate is normally used when;
    - holes are situated in a pool of water
    - to ensure the optimum fragmentation in very hard rock
    - a short stemming is needed i.e., hard rock in collar area that may create slabbing.
    - no flyrock is allowed in restricted areas

Drill chippings (not fine sand) can be used effectively in dry holes as indicated below

General Stemming Chart ‐ Flyrock effect

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