Mammoth Shock Sub Technical Specifications

Mammoth Shock Sub


Mammoth aims to reduce the shock and vibration transmitted to the powerhead during normal drilling operational practices, with no maintenance required between service/repair intervals. Patent Pending

*The percentages and figures reflected are estimates based on testing of the product and are not guaranteed results. The percentages of improvement will vary depending on factors such as rock type, rock abrasiveness, groundwater and drilling parameters.

8” Shock Sub

The new 8” Shock Sub designed and manufactured for the Epiroc D65 drill rig


10” Shock Sub

17” Shock Sub

28” Shock Sub

Technical Specifications

All designs, specifications and components of the equipment described herein are subject to change at the manufacturer’s discretion at any time without prior notice.

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All Mammoth Shock Subs are based on a standard shoulder to shoulder length. Mammoth Shock Subs are not restricted to standard shoulder to shoulder lengths, as we can customize the shoulder to shoulder dimension according to client specifications.

It is recommended that only genuine OEM spare parts and consumables are used on the Mammoth product range, to ensure full performance and operational stability. Utilising unauthorised spare parts and consumables can result in injury and potentially void warranty claims.Enquire for Rigs not displayed here.

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